About Art Orbits

The Art Orbits Project was born during Summer 2020. Our first series called, Ancient World, is inspired by old stories, timeless craftsmanship and Angkor Wat, the world’s famous temple complex in Cambodia.

During the Summer of 2020, we were not able to travel and many countries closed their boarders for international travelers due to the coronavirus, I was going through my photos from my 2018 trip. I printed a few and decided to create a series. The series was well received by family, friends and followers, so I decided to start the Art Orbits Project, showcasing affordable prints with an artistic touch. Art Orbits is a branch of my main business, Bella Unica Art Gallery, and like Bella Unica, Art Orbits celebrates the free spirit, creativity, craftsmanship and culture.


The story behind this series:

In 2018, I fell in love. I fell in love with one of the most underappreciated countries in Southeast Asia. This place has a rich history. It was the most advanced preindustrial territory in the world and still possesses the largest religious monument on earth, Angkor Wat. ​

Presently, it’s still recovering from the horrors of civil war, it still has issues with human trafficking, and more than three-million people lack access to safe water. However, it’s becoming one of the fastest-growing economies and its people never lost their optimism. I am talking about Cambodia. ​ ​

Why Cambodia? I don’t know… it’s like the love you can never explain. I was able to look through the difficulties and poverty and see the amazing bravery, strength, craftsmanship and unspeakable joy with a great sense of humor the Cambodian people have. ​And… since art and history, especially ancient civilizations, are a huge resource for inspiration, I created a series of limited-edition and open-edition Art Photography prints, called The Ancient World, mainly shot in Angkor Wat.

The entire series is mostly in earthly tones, with attention to detail and texture.”

Natalie Velez ​

Art Orbits Team

Natalie Velez – Published photographer, art consultant and Founder of Bella Unica Art Gallery.

Eddie Velez – Writer, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Sales of Bella Unica Art Gallery.